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The 5 Beautiful Paintings used with "Creative Visualization"

"The Door" will inspire you to make a commitment to take decisive action toward achieving your goals.
"The Desk" will give you a method to enhance your organizational skills and focus your efforts on developing a powerful plan of action.
"The River" will show you how to follow your plan, not get side-tracked, and to overcome obstacles along the way.
"The Children" will teach you how to develop individual talents, form a team,  and experience joy in working toward your goals.
"The Light" will inspire you to reach higher and higher and to tap strengths greater than yourself.

"Grow Wings and Soar!" contains the complete revised course which includes
the "Personal Success Journal" and the Instruction Manual.

An Example of One of the Personal Success Journal Pages

The Personal Success Journal is a workbook that enables you to track your daily progress.
It is a key to the effectiveness of this course.

There is a simple reason that this program is so effective where others fail; the Knowledge and Power system actually triggers the incredible power of your imagination to provide you with all the ability, motivation, ideas, persistence, or whatever else you need to achieve your goal. The Knowledge and Power system accomplishes this through the technique called "Creative Visualization" which taps the awesome power of your imagination.

The bottom line is, "Creative Visualization" works. It works because it teaches you how to use a powerful technique for discovering and releasing your strengths and abilities and for identifying and eliminating the obstacles that might be holding you back and stand in your way. It is a process of self-discovery. Therefore, it is unique for each and every person. What you will gain from this program will be exactly what you need to move ahead and achieve your goals.

Professionally created artistic images are used as an integral element of the visualization process. These images, which are unique to the Knowledge and Power program, will stir your imagination and evoke thoughts and emotions which will literally propel you forward toward your goal. Because the pictures convey success principles without the use of words, the verbal processing part of the brain (the left side) is bypassed and the information feeds directly into the right side of the brain where the incredible power of the imagination is triggered. These principles become internalized. After using "Creative Visualization" for just a few days, you will begin to experience the amazing results.

The Knowledge and Power course could be exactly what you've been looking for. 
Now is the best time to move ahead to the next level of success.

The course has been improved and updated and is now available!

Today is . This could be a milestone day for you or it could be a day when nothing significant happens. You have the power to make today wortwhile. Indeed, you have the power to decide which it will be.

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