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Creative Visualization - Step 2 - Interpret
(Think of ways the interpretation might apply to you.)

We are looking at a door from across a very dark room. The door is not closed but open just a tiny crack. A thin sliver of bright light shines through the crack and onto the floor of the room.

Hanging on the walls of the room on either side of the door are a picture and a diploma. Leaning against the door frame is a black cane. On the floor in front of the door are a box full of unidentifiable items, several papers strewn carelessly on the floor, and a chain. There is a set of keys in the lock of the door.

This picture is all about making a decision to take the actions which will bring you success.

The room represents the place where people fail - not a physical place, but attitudes and a state of mind. It is a place where failure and potential failure reside. It is dingy and dirty.

What is on the other side of the door? Hope for the future is there. Opportunities lie on the other side of the door. That's where you'll find the realization of all your dreams and goals. 

The room is a dark place. It represents past failures, disappointments, discouragements, feelings of inadequacy, loneliness, anger, uncertainties and fears. It represents everything that has the potential to hold you back.

The light coming from the crack in the door represents the opportunity to grow and succeed. It represents life and vitality - hope and confidence.

The door is not closed, but is open a crack, because others who have gone before you have unlocked the door. They have shown the way. They have shown you what is possible. There is hope; the door is not locked. 

Could there be dangers on the other side of the door? Perhaps there are, but any danger you might encounter out there is worth the risk. It is far better to face the possibility of danger than to remain in the stagnant, lifeless darkness of the room. 

There is a cane by the door. This cane has nothing to do with a true physical disability; it represents false support that you may be tempted to employ when facing the world. It represents dishonesty in all its forms, but especially the lack of personal integrity and self-reliance. It represents relying on others where you can rely on yourself. It represents counting on a "lucky break" instead of honest achievement. It represents making excuses. It represents artificial stimulants, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol. You may be tempted to use the cane, but it will only hinder you instead of help you. 

The papers on the floor are scripts or letters from a time that is past. They are just a bunch of words - gossip - old thoughts - old attempts to succeed which failed - old work. You no longer need them. You have no need to indulge in such unfulfilling activities.

The chain represents emotions that could weight you down. It is the chain of guilt and fear, feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy, and anger.

The box contains trash from the past that you have held onto, but it is trash. The trash is from the past. You don't need that trash. You can leave it behind you. 

The diploma is an image representating the past also. It represents accomplishments from the past and is a comfort only to someone who wants to stay in the room and take consolation in the past. Dwelling on the past will not help you move forward. Leave this behind as you prepare yourself for greater achievements.

The picture to the left of the door represents fantasies that have no real bearing on reality. They are pure escapism. Fantasies of this type will not help you move forward. They will only hold you back from perceiving reality.

The keys in the door are the one thing of great value that you should take with you. They may be used to unlock other doors. The keys represent the knowledge of success. They represent the other 4 keys in this Knowledge and Power program.

"The Door" can apply to all areas of life: physical health, financial success, spiritual growth, better personal relationships, etc., etc.

You dislike being in this dark room. It is stifling you. You want to leave. 

There is the danger that the darkness will lull you to sleep - you will become complacent and give up hope and choose to remain in the room. But you can't allow that to happen! The room represents all the things that could hold you back from being all that you can be. There is no future for you in this room. Your only chance to live and to grow is to pursue your dreams and that means you must leave this room and put it behind you without any delay

You can go to the door, take the keys, swing the door open wide and step forth boldly. All you have to do is make the decision to take decisive action. You have the certainty of why you are leaving the darkness of the room behind; you despise this room and all it represents. You are ready for something better. 

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