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We are so convinced of the value and effectiveness of our program that we're willing to let you start FREE! That's right; you can actually start our course FREE and begin to experience for yourself the amazing changes that will take place for you.

The reason we can make this offer - the reason this program is so effective where others fail, is that the Knowledge and Power system actually triggers the incredible power of your imagination to provide you with all the ability, motivation, ideas, persistence, or whatever else you need to achieve your goal. The  Knowledge and Power system accomplishes this through the technique called "Creative Visualization" which taps the awesome power of your imagination.

Read what other noted "success" authors have written about the power of the imagination and visualization.

"The time will come when we shall realize what a tremendous subjective power the imagination has upon life. We are beginning to see that imagination is not mere fantasy of the brain, but in it lives the ideal." - Orison Swett Marden

"The imagination is literally the workshop wherein are fashioned all plans created by man. The great leaders of business, industry, finance, and great artists, musicians, poets, and writers became great, because they developed the faculty of creative imagination." - Napoleon Hill 

"All improvement in your life begins with the improvement of your mental pictures!" - Brian Tracy

"Change the way we represent things so that they empower us to feel and to produce the kinds of behavior that support us in the achievement of our goals." - Anthony Robbins

"The picture we paint in our minds is likely to be fulfilled." - Zig Ziglar

"Visualization is the process of seeing within your mind. It is one of the most powerful principles available for creating your future." - Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen

"Almost all world-class athletes and other peak performers are visualizers." - Stephen R. Covey

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Why "Creative Visualization" Works
"Creative Visualization" is a powerful technique for discovering and releasing one's strengths and abilities and for identifying and eliminating the obstacles that hold us back and stand in our way. It is a process of self-discovery which means that it is unique for each and every person. What you will gain from this program will be exactly what you need to move ahead and achieve your goals.

Professionally created artistic images are used as an integral element of the visualization process. These images, which are unique to the Knowledge and Power program, will stir your imagination and evoke thoughts and emotions which will literally propel you forward toward your goal. Because the pictures convey success principles without the use of words, the verbal processing part of the brain (the left side) is bypassed and the information feeds directly into the right side of the brain where the incredible power of the imagination is triggered. These principles become internalized. After using "Creative Visualization" for just a few days, you will begin to experience the amazing results.

Two Fundamental Truths
The Knowledge and Power program is based on two very basic truths.

TRUTH #1 - If you desire to make permanent changes in your life, you must first change yourself internally - which means you must alter the way you think, feel, react, and behave. Only when these internal changes have taken place, will there be lasting changes manifest in your experience. This applies to all areas of your life.

Through sheer will-power and determination people can make temporary changes, but eventually they will slip back into their old ways. Habits of thinking and feeling are difficult to break. It is difficult to make internal changes. The expression, "Oh, he (or she or even I) will never change" acknowledges this truth.

TRUTH #2 - One of the most effective ways (if not the ONLY way) to change yourself internally is to activate and focus the power of your imagination upon achieving the desired result. When the imagination has been stimulated and applied to the task, there is no need for us to apply will-power to force ourselves to do the things necessary to attain our goal. We won't need will power, because we will have the internal "drive" that will propel us forward toward our goal. Success will be easy and not difficult for us.

How Powerful Is Your Imagination?

The imagination is so powerful that when applied negatively, it can be quite destructive. It can actually paralyze people with fear and make them gravely ill. Phobias have their root in the imagination. Fear and worry gain their power through the imagination. Nothing has a more powerful effect upon the subconscious than the imagination. If there were no imagination, the psychiatrists would all be out of business. Yes, the imagination is a powerful thing.

Now, if the imagination can cause all these destructive things to happen to people, think for a moment how much good might be achieved if all the force of the imagination is applied in a constructive way. It will revolutionize your life. Indeed, your imagination will enable you to become the super new you that is just waiting to be revealed! That is precisely what "Creative Visualization" does.

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